You Define You

Sunday was great in that I was able to work on the album with utmost focus, although that is certainly hard because songs seems to be still bubbling to the surface, but I cannot do a 24 song album. That wouldn’t fly. But Sunday was really good. I recorded the vocals to ‘You Define You’ which is my little ode to new wave / disco. When I first wrote it, I had no idea what to do with it, and the early lyrics were more about going dancing. But in time, it became more about a preserved personal memory of a taxicab ride. In it’s last incarnation, it became more about self-made culture. Which is what exactly?

For me, the term Self-Made Culture refers to my need to not follow specific trends, and or extrapolate from them and mash them into my own view or liking. In a music sense, it could be using IDM type arrangements to create a pop song, and blurring the lines so much that it fits into neither and yet both. It is paining an abstract painting, but choosing to have some representative imagery to detach it from the norm. Apply this to life, and what I’m really saying is, ‘Be Yourself’. That was the idea from the start. But I got off track, sorry.

Getting back to the song, it works for me now. The backing vocals in particular have been fun, as I layered them on last night. I also recorded myself on camera doing two takes. I am not really crazy about the idea of people seeing me that vulnerable or making mistakes. It’s very strange actually. But the upside is that people enjoy the process, and that in some way I am archiving the experience. So.. I need t do more of this, especially when I get to certain favorites. I may enjoy watching them someday.

I am going to post it in a while. :)

This now leaves me with two songs to track vocals too, and both of these are not arranged to the extent that I can, so this week is to get them rolling. One is a very strange but catchy song called ‘All In Your Head’ which is somewhat of a companion to, You Define You. Although in this case the ‘disco’ gives way to Computer World mashing into something akin to industrial trip-hop (process that). The bass on that song is sick. Going to have to finish that one next.. and then comes a song which may or may not make the album. It all depends on its arrangement. As a song it is easily one of my favorites, albeit older. The key will be if it can be updated ‘enough’

We’ll see.