The Subconscious Art of The Logo

I have been working on a new logo for endpop for some time now, on and off for a few months. It was a journey sparked by my colleagues who were in the process of the same thing. Through the observation of the work they had put into what seems like such a simple process, I thought you might enjoy my own journey into what redesigning endpop is all about.. Before any other words or thoughts go into it, here it is:


Believe it or not, this relatively simple form kept my creative fires burning. In fact, I find it has more and more ‘meanings’ that I have missed. Crazy subconsciousness. It looks deceptively simple. Just a six lines lines and two spheres. But there is so much more going on. So to clue you into my world, here’s a bit of a breakdown.

Before I do, let me give you its most special meaning: Unity. This is above all what it represents. From there, all the other aspects of what endpop is and where it comes from will be found. Shall we?

In the logo are present an “e” and a “p” for ‘endpop’. If you trace the path along the lines of the spheres, you will see them (in lower case). Also found in there is a “C” for yours truly, represented as both the letter in English, and the letter “Lamed” (lah-med) in ancient Hebrew, which is the actual meaning of the name “Claudio”. Lamed itself is said to mean Teacher or to teach (in layman terms). It looks like this:


You can also take the “e” to mean Esther, as she has been quite the influence, often challenging my own concepts to explore new ones. The “e” represents her as well. In the corner of both the Lamed and in the structure is a letter which I love beyond measure. It is known as a Yud:


It literally means, ‘Fingerprint of God’, and looks quite a bit like a comma or a leaf. I’ve drawn that shape all of my life, especially after the drowning. I always thought it was a leaf, or leaves. I think differently about that now. That’s in there too. The spheres themselves represent ‘as above, so below’ which is a reference to the old hermetic texts which basically state that what happens in heaven is reflected here on earth. I have always ascribed the phrase to mean “as you sow, so you shall reap”. Or simply .. “Karma”.

The Orange sphere is the sun, right about sundown, which often elongates shadows and recalls to me the magic of the metaphysical paintings of Di Chirico. The orange sphere is also an ode to “Orangewerks”, which was the label we released Hope on after Anything Box left Sony. The blue sphere represents the earth that keeps me grounded. It is a beautiful little world, although on occasion it is bluer than it should be. But it is my planet, and yours. And the blue orb also represents Miro, which is an artist that I still love. Although in this case the structure is more Mondrian than Miro. It’s OK, I love Mondrian too.

The angles were done in a way to also show the structure as a three-dimensional piece, where the lines connecting the blue sphere are supporting the lines that connect it to the orange sphere. This aspect represents the non-conformist angle of pop music, which is endpop’s namesake. And it looks fun. In 3D, it also resembles a keyboard stand, hinting at my trusty Kaosscilltor (if it came in orange I would have bought it).

If the structure is rotated clock-wise 90 degrees, you will see that the “p” now becomes a “b” preceded by an “A”. This is of course “Ab” for “Abox”. Speaking of Abox.. we used to perform with 2 flags in the early days. I had not even noticed them, but they will pop out if you rotate the image again. And yes.. There is a “D” for Dania if you look for it (Paul’s “p” is there too). Talk about subconsciousness!

And if that is not enough.. the name “endpop” came from a band’s site called Endora, and they graciously allowed me to have the site when they dissolved. So when you invert the structure, you get a “g” from the “e”. That’s for Ginash George who I will be eternally grateful to for changing the course of history. And remember the Lamed? Even when the structure is inverted, the letter is still there. That’s called a palindrome. Phew.


The last bits of the structure cannot be seen, but they are there. I could not even begin to explain them, but for this idea.. think of the word Angles. Now re-arrange the letters a bit. Is that a strange coincidence? Mayhap it is, mayhap it ‘aint. My late dad’s name is Angel.

Here’s what you cannot see, stylistically arranged as I would my own artwork:


I ‘see’ these forms in the structure, and as a piece of art, I added them in for you to see (all found in the logo in hidden ways). Does it still seem as though designing a simple logo mark is such a simple process to you? ; )

When I can, I’ll scan the sketches it took to get here. There are endless drawings. What do you think? Am I crazy enough?