The Hammer (un-released)

So I hit 50% of my goal towards the end of last week. I am smiling at this, but I’m not out of the woods yet. I still have to pick the final songs, but I’m doing that as I edit vocals. It’s been tough to get motivated to be honest. Not really because of anything creative blocking me, but more so that my personal life went through such a roller coaster of a ride that it would have taken anyone out of the battle. I sometimes ask myself how the hell I am able to remain tough through all this stuff. But the truth is, great things are worth fighting for, and so I shall fight the good fight.

I really do think this is going to be an awesome record, I really do. I cannot believe I’ve written this many songs, to be sure. I hope that you will join me. : )

Here’s a little taste of what you see when you join me on this project..


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