the glimpse into the process

It happened again. although this time I was more aware of the feeling of ‘importance’ as I awoke. The melody wasn’t even in my head when my eyes opened, nor when I rolled out of bed.. It came as a hummed bass riff in my mind as I turned on the light in my room. Instantly.

I knew that it was good, but hesitated. I still have a cold, everything is aching from it, and in truth, all I wanted was to get to walking the dog and making coffee, not recording.. but that bass line..

So I turned everything on. And it simply wrote itself. Every part, every note, every little piece.. just .. happened…

The reason I’m writing this down, is because this has happened in the past of course, but very often I will hear a song we’ve recorded I’ll wonder, ‘I know I wrote that, but I cannot remember the process, how it came to be’. This is because sometimes I work so fast that I will not remember all the interim steps it took. Its almost as if working as a madman when one commits wholly to the moment.

But this time, the cold’s wooziness gave me a way of observing myself as if from afar. It was fun watching it happen. Almost out of body. But I have a song to show for it. And a good one at that. And because the studio is now extremely conducive to the work, nearly 80% arranged before my first cup of coffee.

Now is that not some shit?