The Glass

I have often asked myself, ‘Is the glass half full or half empty?’ And I’m sure you have too. But the question I am posing for myself these days is, ‘Why think there is a glass to be filled or be emptied?’ The idea of happiness comes from within. It cannot be measured by other people, by friendships, enemies, or family. It needs to be defined by me. Now one may read into this as being selfish, or perhaps egotistical, but the truth is, no one can make you happy. It is not their job to. It is your own job.

So I cannot bother with the glass anymore. I feel that it is the agreements and pacts I make with myself that will lead me to more happiness! So in this regard, these are my thoughts for a better life:

  •  Be impeccable with the words you use. That is to say, I will do my best to make sure my words are not poison. If I don’t like someone, there is no need for me to talk to them, neither is it necessary to talk about them. It conserves spiritual and creative energies for the people I truly love. Simply let go.
  •  Always do my best. This is hard, but if you live by your word, you will do what is best for others. For me, being impeccable with my word means never pretending to be someone I am not. In fact, I’ve been championing this on Twitter as of late (after my online vacation). Be real. Do only the real. It’s better! Being real adds to creativity.
  •  Don’t take anything personally. If what is said to me or about me isn’t real, and I don’t identify with it, why let someone else’ inner movie poison my mind? I know myself. That’s all I need to worry about. Those that live in hell will eventually want to drag you in there with them.
  •  Do not assume. Just because something appears a certain way, it does not mean it is. So in one sense, I can choose to ask more questions, and get more facts, before I act. In another sense, I have no need to clarify points I’ve made in the past. In fact, I’ve become quite fond of ‘the finality of my word’. I make clear points, they stick. No need to go further. Explained, decided, done.

Life is actually getting better. I feel very abundant in the area of love and spirituality. I am embracing the real, and in turn that nurtures my imagination to create things that I’ve never imagined before. Be real, my peeps. Especially to yourself!