Anything Box is not a reboot.

By releasing some of the oldest tapes I have, there are certainly some people who think the following of me:

  1. He’s got nothing new to record…
  2. Anything Box is done with…
  3. The inspiration is gone…

To all three of these, I call bullshit, and I will tell you why right now in one simple sentence:

I am an artist, and all of my work is important to ME. Past, present and Future. Click To Tweet

There are some drawbacks to the releasing of the old tapes, for sure, and when I think about it, some of these drawbacks make some sense. Pandora, for example, will not accept any material that is not of ‘master quality’ for one. Should I care? Not really. I’m not trying to get a hit record with the old tapes. And there’s plenty of Abox material on Pandora. There’s always Spotify

Come to think of it, I’m not going for a hit period, even with the more ‘refined’ material. I care about the music, the art, the message, the feeling of familiarity… And YOU (although there are limits there too because I cannot please everyone). I don’t care otherwise.

I think the true act of recording a moment is a lost art, and I mean to bring this back in many ways for myself. By releasing the old taped material, I am releasing something new (for you) while I explore the space-time of who I was, am, and will be. I am showing you proof that Anything Box can surprise you with its resilience. And finally, that my inspiration is not gone… I am on a journey. You can tag along, or you can exit the building, jack.


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