Progress is messy.

My fingers hurt, and the palms of my hands feel weathered. The first 6 have been under-painted, and the work was chemically transferred to the wood. Now comes the wait. A few hours. Then I reveal whether I succeeded or failed in this very important steps. I’m trying not to think about what I will do if the whole thing failed.To my credit, I did this process so many times in my mind that it was shockingly simple in reality, so I am hoping for the best.

The one I decided on starting with is ‘the haunted woman’. What I am enjoying so far is the union of the technology, scanning, layering etc.. with the organic nature of just my pen, plain paper, pastels, and colored pencils. Then it becomes an alchemical-mechanical  process, the transference of these things onto the wood. 

I filmed a great deal of this, so that the process of making the image can be seen, but I am not sure exactly how it will look on film, as I was too busy covered in goo to touch the camera.  as I sit here waiting for some food to heat up, I will contemplate the cleaning of the mess I’ve made. But the smell of the chemicals is euphoric (and quite safe).

Now to eat.. and wait the next step.