Part 2 | Photographic Journey To The Salton Sea

I came across this graphic twice. The first time, I thought it was whimsical and because I love Audrey Hepburn (who doesn’t?) I took a photograph of it. But then I uncovered a small clue that this could be a Banksy.. So forgive me for plunging the ruins of the town… I took it.

I placed it first on the couch I found on the shore while walking. And it was when I snapped the pictures of the white, salt encrusted couch that I realized the sand is not just white. It is completely made up of crushed bones. Bones of thousands upon thousands of fish and birds. When I went to compose the picture with Audrey, I could not breathe, and my gag reflex kicked in pretty quickly. It really is that bad.

I loved the broken TVs best, especially when I noticed people must be placing them in places as if they were still working. I found that interesting, and my journey continued to include looking for TVs everywhere I went. I found them. Rusted, destroyed.

I need to bring a battery powered one there and film it. I just have to.

And I am not sure Audrey is a Banksy. But something tells me she is. She hangs on my studio wall to inspire me. In my mind, she is a Banksy.

And what if she is? Well, she will be in a few vids whether she is or not.