According to this article, these are the top 15 music sites in the world as of December, 2016. I found it interesting that Pandora was #1 of course, and not Spotify. I did not expect that, but knew they would be in the top 5. Yahoo music I did not expect at all. But that is because I did not know they had a service. Am I on it? Hmm. As it turns out, the site is VERY boring. Like modern pop music. But I digress.

I expected Soundcloud to be in the top 10 for sure. But MySpace? I was really taken back by that one. I have totally abandoned my account for nearly a decade now. of course has stayed on my radar, as has iheart radio. But honestly, MySpace? Who would have thought? Maybe I need to check that out again. Meh. In the grand spheres of streaming, it is Pandora and Spotify for me.

PandoraYahoo! MusicGoogle PlaySound CloudSpotifyMyspaceTune InLast FMiHeart RadioAll MusicJangoRadioSongzaGroove Sharkslacker

Another thing I found worth exploring was the idea that iTunes was not on this list. I thought for example, that I’d not heard of Jango before and questioned the authority of the article. But I have to admit the truth. Their Alexa rank from the article is stated as 3,539 as of today, which is very accurate. And iTunes? 197,293 … which is actually very low from all the sites on that list. Consider MySpace’s score: 1,441. Seriously, the numbers don’t lie. Is iTunes seeing its end?