I guess I should not be surprised. But I am deeply moved. During the recording of Elektrodelica it also happened. I remember we were at the tail end of the album, the songs were all picked, and it was at the mix stage (past the stage of this album).. but something had yet to materialize. And it was a song. In my opinion, Pop Song gave the album a proper guide to its ending, and created the mood I needed to actually separate the ‘sides’ of the album. It was a song that fit so well, but came solidly at the end of the sessions. Of course, this is sometimes upsetting because it upsets the flow of things, but if one exercises wisdom one knows that everything happens for its own reason at the right time.

So yes, I wrote another song. It came to me in a feeling of sadness, but the words on my mind were not sad at all. In fact, they were simple, inspired, flowing, and exactly what I wanted to say. To my someone. But the melodies kept coming out melancholy. I switched guitars, and could not come up with anything good. But on my three-stringed black guitar, it just seemed to want to write itself. So I stepped aside and questioned nothing. The result was a 3 minute song that simply made my day, and I spent most of the day rehearsing it, and refining the words that were coming through. All songs are special.. but this one. It just told a simple truth. I’ve written songs for people or about them before, but never to sing it only to them. This was a first, something that in all my years of being me.. I didn’t really do.

The strangest thing however, happened the other night as I was cleaning the guitar itself. I’ve had this guitar for years, always loved it, play it often. I have often referred to it as ‘druggie’, as it came to me when a guy came into the store I was working at years ago and tried to sell it. No one wanted it, and he left it there. Someone thought of me when they saw it and set it aside. I had to wait a month for it to be mine, but I have loved it ever since. I actually love it with just three strings, too. It’s black with a pick-guard that has a white pattern of flowers.. but there is also faded gold. I had not thought of the gold part really was until last night as I cleaned it and practiced the new song. I then noticed, as if for the first time, the reminder of this little bird that has been following me around when I take my morning walks lately. A bird that spiritually brings forth the enjoyment of life… perfect.

So this guitar is no longer the druggie. It has its proper name now. The hummingbird.

So yes, I need to record this song, cementing it all. And I have a very clear idea of how to make it.. timeless. This will only happen Once. So I called the song just that. ‘Once’.




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