Thursday, October 28th 2021


I’ve been soul-searching for about three weeks now. The questions I keep asking myself are… Am I going to really ramp up my output, create more art, record more music, transfer old tapes and keep my sanity? And what’s it all for, really? These and other questions have been coming and going. It’s been a rough few weeks. But I have to say this even as I think and type out this post: I am blessed to be able to have such problems or challenges in this life. I really am.


So here’s what I’m thinking about. No more hiding of the work. I will be exposing more and more of it. I’m going to get outside of the comfort zone and really ramp up everything. To this day, for example, I have not really had a site to publish my art. To this day I’ve made only a scattering of videos, even though I can wield a camera (although there are some that would say I should not).


I have ideas to last me a lifetime. And this is not an exaggeration. I literally write 5-10 of them per day and have been doing so diligently since last August. You can do the math. I cannot be bothered with it right now. Suffice to say that there are many. Are they all good? No. Maybe. I will never know until I put them to work. So yes, I am building a site for my art. Yes, I am being more active and learning to really use my strengths. Yes, I am doing more work! And on that note…


IOn the flipside, I’ve been learning to use the power of the word NO. If it means bringing better works into the world, my answer to an idea is YES. If it does not add to my life, then the answer is no. Seems rather simple. But it isn’t. And neither is it a simple affair to be one’s true self. It seems that at every turn, someone is telling us we’re crazy to want certain things or to live in a certain way. Worse? sometimes that voice is our own. And the sad part is… We listen. Stop doing that. Let’s make a pact right now. It ends today. I will be my 100% true self and so will YOU.


Listen, time is not stopping, and neither is life. This is it. If you don’t get to what’s really important now, when will you?