Mixdown Begins

I should really state that it has truly begun already since the pre-mix stage for most of the songs is already a step in that direction, but it is a technicality in truth. Mixdown has begun. There is one song left to edit vocals to, and that is Polaroid. There is a song called Dead Stars that may get a few chorus takes, but that will be decided as I work on the mix itself. But over all, the album’s true identity will now start to appear as I mix. Who Will Dry Your Eyes has officially made it, and it appears as though Once is also now on the album as well. Nostalgia is still on the chopping block, but I feel that this is due more to the vocal delivery. I like the original better, so I view this as my own fault. I will revisit it later on, but for now it seems it is not on the album.

The beauty of this stage for me is that this is the part I love best. This is where the album actually takes shape for me, so I am excited!