Mastering Phase 1

distances promo1

As of tonight, I am uploading the entire two CDs worth of tracks to a special server for the mastering engineer. So happy that this is finally taking shape. I picked the running order finally, and if there were songs to cut, I found none. So some will call this 2 CD thing a bit self-indulgent. I will simply say it is my art, so don’t worry about it. Its only art. I will begin designing the artwork this week while the masters are being made.

Now you may ask yourself, why is this called Mastering Phase 1 ? Once I get these back from the lab, each ‘volume’ will be uploaded to the PledgeMusic servers ready for download as individual hi res tracks and MP3s. That’s the phase 1 part. Phase two is my adding of crossfades, some extra sounds and such to the ‘connected version’ which will be in the form of physical CDs and ISO files. This won’t affect the songs themselves in the least, but for those with a physical CD, it will be a cooler experience. I have thought about a simple download version of a single .wav file for each disc, too. But we will see how it pans out.

And if you have no idea what all this is about, please click on the button below to pre-order the album Distances from PledgeMusic!