Journey PT.2

I have stopped in the town past Santa Anna, Tx, funny enough. The place just called out to me. There’s nothing for miles but this little Steak House in the middle of nowhere. And here I am, enjoying a Coor’s Light and waiting for a T-Bone, Texas style. This will be my full meal of the day, as the sun goes down in the heartland. I have been driving since 8:15 am and only now have I really stopped to take a short break. I can hear the accents all around me and I cannot help but smile. This is truly the heartland.

When I last posted, there had only really been three stops for photographs as the paces presented themselves to me. On this last jaunt of about 157 miles or so, I stopped a great deal to get a shot. So now I cannot recall how many stops I’ve made. None of these things would interest anyone but me, maybe, but some of them are indeed surreal. There are a few things I’ve seen that I did not photograph. I did not photograph the dead deer on the side of the road, because it seemed rather fresh.. and I did not get a chance to take a picture of a sign that read, “I am not lost, for God is showing me the way” which was rather poignant since for that particular part of the trip, I felt I might be lost. And then there was the reminder of where I’m headed, which is Santa Ana, CA (at the end of the whole adventure) by winding up in Santa Anna, TX.

My thoughts, for the most part, seem to be centered on the creativity this trip has afforded me so far, and the time for self-reflection as well. The visuals have been striking, and I am taking them all in as though I were a child. Maybe I am at times. But not all my thoughts have been rosy. I welcome this, and there have been a few harrowing moments that seem to come from the past peppered with the present. The album keeps coming up in my mind to help me realize that the future is brighter than ever.

I miss my family of course, and my daughter is visiting with my little grandkids, and I will have missed a funeral. So those thoughts also have been filtering through my mind. Maybe this is why I am drawn to the stark places? The places left behind? I have no idea.. As I sit here, I marvel at how incredible it is that people pushed out into these places and tried (perhaps failed or moved on) to carve a life here. But there is deep beauty in what I have been seeing.

After this meal, I will see where the 84W will take me next. I will push on until I feel too tired to drive, and perhaps stay the night in one of these little towns, or perhaps even out in one of those fields to watch the stars above me. For now, I will keep nursing this beer and take in the flavors of the town. Wherever it is I am exactly. I May or may not ask. It was Coleman.