GH4 to Canon 5DMKIII Color Converter

I made this simple file to get Canon color space into my shots with the GH4. Included in the download is the LUT you can apply to footage you shoot with the GH4. I also included the PSD file so you can alter the basic converter to taste. Enjoy it! And feel free to post your experiments! When you design your own version, be sure to import a continuous tone photograph, because for some reason if you export the LUT based on the squares, it messes things up. But in any case, the LUT works just fine as it is, and you can tweak further from there.

The profile settings on the GH4 should be set as follows:

Profile: Standard
Contrast: 0
Sharpness: 0 / +1 (+1 is for vintage lenses)
NR: -3
Saturation: 0
Hue +1
Luminance: 0-255
Highlight / Shadow: -3/0
ISO: 320 / 640 / 1250
Master Pedestal: +3

This setting yields a really nice starting point, nearly finished. You can then apply the converter in Premiere (or whatever NLE you use that can apply a LUT). Be sure to white balance before you shoot, as this really matters!


Download GH4 > Canon 5dMKII Converter