Facebook 1 Synthesizer

Facebook 1 (FB1) was the world’s first Facebook Synthesizer (it lived as an app on its own FB page at one time). I originally planned to build it for Myspace, but that didn’t fly at all. This was a very ambitious project that literally went nowhere, but it was such a great way to fend off the stress I was under at the time. There are still some generative-like experimental sounds on it that I find interesting, if not annoying. But what would one expect from a synthesizer from a different time-space shift? Because this synthesizer was built as a flash app, I don’t think it will run on your phone. But if you are on a computer, it will. Try the “bend” function. That’s always fun. I think I will somehow sample or port some of the sounds over to my code experiments in the future. The future. The future. Thr fuuuuuu.tttttttt….. Future.

You can still play it here.

You can play the world's first (but not best) digital synthesizer made specifically for Facebook. Pass or Fail? Click To Tweet