Obligatory EPK.

Information Bits:

If you take music and its impact on our souls as seriously as I do, listen to the music as you read this. Or draw a picture on a napkin and give it to a stranger sitting near you. In other words, live your life as you read this. What I’ve stated may seem obvious. In reality, for so many life goes unnoticed. Now take a look around. Think, ‘I am alive, here and now…’ Don’t swipe these words away because they are uncomfortable. The sentiment is a gift. Now then…
How many times have you read an artist bio where they refer to themselves in the third person? It’s as if artists have to pretend the music industry still functions like it did before the rise of their independence, the internet. I won’t do that. You’re reading about the real me. I’m telling you about me as myself. I hope that counts for something.  
I also don’t understand the notion that this EPK is something the press needs to get to know me better. I think that’s a lazy way out. To know me better, skip this and let’s have coffee. Let’s strike up a real conversation, one-to-one. Life is about real people and experiences. I feel that component is missing. It affects all of us. Me. You.
My story is very emotionally complex and better discussed in person. I’ll give you the shortest version now: Due to events from my childhood, I got inspired by great music and art, forming an escape from the real world. For me, art is a way of expressing the questions I have for the universe and my place in it.
In pain, both physical and non, I found many creative ways to focus and expel my emotional experiences through recording, painting, singing, and writing. I first sang on the radio at the age of 5. I later started, Anything Box, with which I had a few hits. I built my own studios. I also recorded a few records (I still call them records) as The Diary. My latest recording is Distances and for that, I simply used my first name. Claude. The record nearly killed me.
But ok. You want to know the details, and how it all happened? I’ll eventually write it all out here. But contact me, and you may get something I might not publish. 




I guess that’s it. You’ve read a few of my thoughts, listened to some music, and seen my pictures and hopefully, all of this has spoken for me. But I still prefer one=to-one conversation. So get in touch, let’s have that coffee and talk about whatever life brings us to discuss. I may even answer your questions.