Distances Indeed

As the mixdown progresses, I am brought into the realm of discovery. I guess what happens is that as the ‘album’ begins to take on a life of its own, a strange haze comes over me, and every song’s meaning begins to change. And this is happening as we speak. Every lyric becomes almost transformed by the process, as if every echo, or reverberation adds to the mystery of the song. Their meaning change too, which is that line of separation I spoke about in the beginning. So this is the place where songs start to fall out of line with my thinking, and others I had dismissed become more important to the whole. It happens every time. And the strangest part of this right now to me is that indeed parts of this album feel a lot like an Abox album. It is not a Diary record. That’s for sure. And it is almost as if I am finding myself again in this music. Or perhaps I am doing to opposite, losing myself in a time space continuum. Whatever is taking place, I am enjoying this process, and as I do this, it becomes easier to imagine the future.

This is also the first time where my visual art has helped to create the process as well, both on a financial scale and a creative one. It seems that the synthesis of electronics and pigment and ink, always intertwined in my world, have finally resolved themselves for me. I could be wrong, but there are some rather large works in my mind. Whatever it is, I am enjoying the space for change it has brought. I needed this catharsis.

I am.