David Bowie 1947– 2016

In the wake of learning about Bowie’s death, one of two things compel me to write. One was how amazing the film Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars was. I actually watched it on his birthday on Friday night with my love. I found myself so enthralled by the sound and the performance, that it made me realize just how important Bowie was to the movement and evolution of what would become the next wave of rock. From Punk to electronic synth-pop, it seems that this guy made an impact in a way that most people will never notice.

But I remember. The other thing is that I was touched by Bowie. Both magically and once physically.

It was my first Red Flag show in New York city with my then band-mate Mike (Red Flag opened for Devo in 1989). I remember walking towards the stage to catch Devo and Bowie and I suddenly bumping into each other. I looked at him, and could not mouth a single word past hello. He smiled as though he had just seen an old friend, patted me on the shoulder and moved on.. But he had the air about him as if to say, “If you want to talk, its ok. I recognize an alien when I see one” Sounds hilarious, but that was the look. I will never forget it.

What a life this man has lived in terms of individualism. What I am going to do now is track down the movie The Man Who Fell To Earth (found it as of this edit), and watch it tonight as I pack for my trip to Ecuador.

You will be within me always David. You are part of my people. You have now contributed to the energy that will be dispersed among the rest of us.