Cover Work

The cover of the album is not going to come as easy as the interior pages, but that’s due to the idea that the paintings also be part of the story. although the booklet will contain mostly the paintings, I also want to feature them on the album cover. This will involve a trip back to Ontario, and a secondary shoot. About an hour to two of shooting, and there will be footage of course for a video of course… The animated gif illustrates what I have in mind. The stone will be at the front, wrapped in barbed wire, with a heart affixed to its center. All around it will be the paintings. Seems simple enough, but the most important thing is the lighting of course. I loved the long shadows I saw there around 4:30 pm, so it seems that this will be the same hour to shoot. The hardest part is figuring out how to make the paintings stand straight. I have figured out a way to do this that will hopefully keep them from moving, or worse, falling over.



Here’s the sketch on its own..

cover idea