Album Progress | Mixdown

Just two songs left to mix! The CDBaby page for the album is being prepared, and I will start on artwork next week, formatting the images and so forth for the booklets. Mastering should be done by next week as well. After that I need to get boxes for the paintings that will be shipped out to people, and while I patiently awaut the CDs and the digital version is released, I will work on two very special paintings that will be hand delivered to their respective owners. Lots of work to be done, for sure. But the experience has taught me so much about the nature of the furtire of music. I’m actually feeling very optimistic about this new approach! Thank you PledgeMusic!


  • Dreamless Girl (mixed)
  • You Define Yourself (mixed)
  • Who Will Dry Your Eyes (mixed)
  • I saw The Light In the Darkness (mixed)
  • Symbology (mixed)
  • Anxiety (mixed)
  • Polaroid (mixed)
  • Everything Is Good (mixed)
  • Who Needs To Breathe (mixed)
  • All In Your Head (mixed)
  • Love Will Be Your Friend (mixed)
  • Distances (mixed)
  • Hello (mixed)
  • Way Of Souls (mixed)
  • Fast Forward (mixed 90%)
  • Dead Stars (mixed)
  • Descent (mixed)
  • Held Down (mixed)
  • Someday Someway (mixed)
  • Once (mixed)


It is not too late to get in on the experience of making this record with me. So if you are curious, join me at PledgeMusic!!!  d(*_*)b