Recorded Noise

I'd like you to hear me out

Old Soul

This is an old one from Tumblr… which I just recently repaired. My site there was looking pretty trashed! But it’s nice again. And in the process found out that posts from there look nice here. So I felt the song and title very appropriate.

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Something Distant

The idea was given to me by my friend, Eric. I guess I had forgotten all about this method of not only sleeping better, but also inducing lucid and pleasant dreams. So contained in the hour long file is the sound of white noise, reverberating with the after-effect of a 369hz pulse, or pad.. that…

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An Old Session

I discovered that an administrative error had caused The Diary’s site to go down. I was able to recover it, and in doing so I updated a few little things. But The real gem was listening to this particular ‘session’ that I put together one evening. My favorite section is when the phone rings, and…

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18 Questions | Michael Espinosa

1. If you were John, and I was Paul, what Beatle’s song do you wish you had written? Claude: I would have loved to have written A Day In The Life because it is simply immense in its scope. And each of them got their part, allowing you to see the distinct personalities in the…

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