According to this article, these are the top 15 music sites in the world as of December, 2016. I found it interesting that Pandora was #1 of course, and not Spotify. I did not expect that, but knew they would be in the top 5. Yahoo music I did not expect at all. But that is because I did not know they had a service. Am I on it? Hmm.

I expected Souncloud to be in the top 10 for sure. But MySpace? I was really taken back by that one. I have totally abandoned my account for nearly a decade now. of course has stayed on my radar, as has iheart radio. But honestly, MySpace? Who would have thought. Maybe I need to check that out again.

PandoraYahoo! MusicGoogle PlaySound CloudSpotifyMyspaceTune InLast FMiHeart RadioAll MusicJangoRadioSongzaGroove Sharkslacker

Another thing I found worth exploring was the idea that iTunes was not on this list. I thought for example, that I’d not heard of Jango before and questioned the authority of the article. But I have to admit the truth. Their Alexa rank from the article is stated as 3,539 as of today, which is very accurate. And iTunes? 197,293 … which is actually very low from all the sites on that list. Consider MySpace’s score: 1,441. Seriously, the numbers don’t lie. Is iTunes seeing its end?